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"It's small things that set bigger things off." Sam Edelman

Carol Edelman is a Professor of Sociology at California State University, Chico, and Sam Edelman is a retired Professor of Communications at CSUC. They have been teaching courses on the Holocaust and genocide since the mid 1980’s and Carol continues to offer these classes every semester. Together, they have raised over $700,000 for their center and have been running seminars and workshops all over California for teachers on the Holocaust and genocide.

Each semester, Carol and Sam teach a course at CSU, Chico entitled Perspectives on Genocide in the 20th Century. With Sam , Carol is the recipient of numerous grants for her work as well as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Award for Outstanding Documentaries in the Humanities for her documentary on cultural responses to Genocide. She is currently completing a book on the Holocaust entitled Underground Without Bullets.

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