Hannie Voyles

"I'm a Holocaust survivor - one of the lucky ones, if that term could ever be used to describe that ravaged time. Although I avoided the death camps, I did not escape the suffering and loss....the Nazis invaded our country and stole our neighbors, our friends, our homes, our food, our hope, and our dignity." Hannie J. Voyles ~ Storming the Tulips

Hannie J. Voyles' commitment to honoring the children of World War II, who survived that "ravaged time" is at the center of our 2011 Crossing Lines Seminar. Throughout our week together, we will refer often to Storming the Tulips, the book Hannie has both translated from the original Dutch version - and contributed to. Storming the Tulips is a tribute to 173 students from Hannie’s 1st Montessori School who were murdered by the Nazis and tells the story of twenty students who lived through that time. It is a complement to The Diary of Anne Frank and other works that explain the ravaging effect the war had on the children. Anne’s story tells of her sequestered life in The Annex; the children in Storming the Tulips show what life was like on the streets, in hiding, and in the concentration camps.

Hannie's book