2755857.jpg"Community organizing offers schools another way to engage parents and not just involve them. At the same time, it provides an opportunity for schools to reclaim their roots as neighborhood 'anchors' - not only as places to educate students but also as center to support and improve communities." Larry Ferlazzo and Lorie Hammond, Building Parent Engagement in Schools

Lorie Hammond, Ph.D. - Lorie is a Professor Emeritus at Cal State Sacramento, specializing in science, art, and bilingual
education. She has forty years' experience teaching in nearly every grade level, from nursery to graduate school. She founded the Winters Parent Nursery school, a bilingual parent co-op serving native English and Spanish students together, in the '70s. She has been working
in public schools for quality education and educational justice her whole career, and has written and published extensively on these subjects. Lorie is a co-founder of Peregrine Project and a participating grandmother.

A few of Lorie's resources: