marielle.JPG"Some people mistakenly think Asian Pacific Americans are the ‘model minority’ or the ‘quiet Americans.’ Japanese Americans that experienced injustice through their World War II internment have learned to speak up for the civil rights and fair treatment of all Americans.” Marielle Tsukamoto, President, Florin JACL

Marielle Tsukamoto is a retired Elk Grove USD educator and community activist, who has worked tirelessly to continue the work of her mother, the late Mary Tsukamoto. Thanks to Marielle's efforts, the story of the forced removal of thousands of citizens of Japanese heritage from the West Coast following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, is a story that is shared with hundreds of children each year at the California Museum of Women, History and the Artsduring the annual Time of Remembrance program.

A few of Marielle's Resources

  • An Interview with Mary Tsukamoto (Marielle's mother) - The Time of Remembrance Program was created in 1983 by the late Mary Tsukamoto, Elk Grove educator and lifelong civil rights activist. In 1942, Mary, her husband Al, and daughter Marielle were forced to leave their home with whatever possessions they could carry and relocate to an internment camp in Jerome, Arizona. It was not until 1945 that Mary and her family returned to California, hoping to pick up the pieces of their lives in an atmosphere that was still charged with racial prejudices against Japanese-Americans.
  • An Interview with Marielle Tsukamoto - Marielle has been a driving force behind the Elk Grove Unified School District's //Time of Remembrance Oral Histories// website and the recent documentary I'm American Too:

  • How to Make a Daruma Doll - Much appreciation to HEN educator and Elk Grove teacher Iielita McTizic and her students for documenting the steps in making a daruma doll.